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We want to share with you the unique personal experience of the natural and cultural heritage of Rogla-Pohorje. With the help of an enriched reality, you will get to know the past and the local identity of the municipalities of Oplotnica, Slovenske Konjice, Vitanje, and Zreče in a modern way. In ancient times the area, true to nature, culture, and people, was characterized by the Carthusians, who, as owners of many estates, vineyards, mansions, and landscapes, greatly influenced the development of the countryside and the life of the people. They lived sustainable, in celibate, in harmony with nature and themselves, as they were a self-sufficient waste-free society. They were herbalists, healers, craftsmen, intellectuals, wrote manuscripts, and were also travelers since they traveled to the Valley of Saint John the Baptist from France. As a traveler, you will also be able to explore, feel, and enjoy the treats, attractions, and authenticity of the tourist offer under the edges of the sunny southern Pohorje, and you will come near nature as the Carthusians did in the past.


Žiče – Slovenske Konjice – Oplotnica

You will meet the tour guide at the appointed time at the agreed place. The local and licensed German-speaking guide is an excellent connoisseur of the Rogla-Pohorje Destination and is also a driver of an electric passenger car. The initial greeting and introduction, presentations of daily activities of a unique experience, and the possibility of choosing different menus at lunch and dinner. Before leaving, you will receive bottles filled with chilled water from the Rogla-Pohorje Destination tap. During the day, you will be able to refill your bottles anywhere along the way, as the water throughout the Rogla-Pohorje Destination area is drinkable. 

As we drive to Žiče, you will learn about Rogla-Pohorje Destination development through many interesting stories. The development is based on the natural Carthusian philosophy. In the still, unspoiled valley of St. John the Baptist, you will drive through Špitalič, which once provided hospitality to travelers and supplied the “Upper Monastery”. You will notice the grounds of the Ziče alyssum montanum, an endemic that gives the area of Ziče its unique and special value, and the mysterious water of the Žičnica stream, which murmurs in the picturesque hilly valley and caused the Carthusian monks to choose this magical place more than 850 years ago. It makes you feel as if we have stepped into another world of unknown dimensions, in a unique location where time stops in peace and silence. 

Upon arrival at the Carthusian Monastery, you will first enter the Gastuž Inn, known as the oldest inn in Slovenia, dating from 1467! In medieval clothes, the waiter will take you through the inn’s premises and present the ambiance of the old mansion with the rooms of Philip of Ziče and Leopold of Konjice. He will offer you a Carthusian herbal liqueur and dried fruit. At the Tourist information center TIC Žiče you will then pick up your smart glasses and walk with the guide through the buildings of the former Carthusian Monastery, which will be enriched by augmented reality before your eyes. They will grow in the way they used to be, allowing you to get to know the natural and cultural heritage innovatively, as well as getting you to know the life of the Carthusians and their relationship to nature based on respect and self-sufficiency. During the tour you will be able to listen to the singing of Gregorian corals, visit the pottery and paint studio, walk past the vaulted wine cellars, where the sparkling wine Konjiška Penina grows in peace and quiet, and see an exhibition of the renovated premises of the former library, which was considered one of the largest in the world. You will admire the landscaped herb gardens that adorned the Monastery building during the Carthusian times and were the basis for the development of herbalism, which is still presented in the Rogla-Pohorje Destination. Based on the Carthusian herbal tradition, they also built their story on the Iršič-Meglič Organic Farm, which has herbal gardens on Pohorje, and the Herbal Pharmacy with organic herbs from the Žiče Carthusian Monastery in the renovated Ziče Carthusian farm buildings.  Visiting the pharmacy, tasting herbal spreads, and participating in the preparation of a herbal beverage and spread to your liking. You will have the option to purchase the products.

After the sightseeing tour, we will continue the journey to Slovenske Konjice, a place in the embrace of precious stories. During a short stroll through the old town center, you will be able to listen to many legends and admire the medieval facades of houses and squares. Overlooking the stream Ribnica, you will enjoy Minatti’s coffee in the famous café. This is followed by an electric bicycle ride, which will lead to a new, green experience. During your short cycling tour, you will travel with your guide towards the Konjice Tuscany.

A similar tradition to herbalism in Rogla-Pohorje Destination has viticulture in this area. Therefore, in the next steps of the program, a well-organized cycling route will take you through the wine-growing Škalce, where you will be enchanted by the view of the extensive vineyards of Zlatni grič and the entire Dravinja Valley. As it is lunchtime, you will be enjoying delicious Taste of Rogle certified meals, accompanied by local wines, in the heart of the vineyards and the cozy ambiance of the Zlati grič Inn.

After lunch, you will continue to pamper your taste buds, as a visit to the Zlati grič winery will follow. The modern cellar operates based on a tradition that began to write the history of viticulture in the area in the Roman period. The record of the 15th-century Aquileian Chancellor Paolo Santonin is a testimony to the excellent droplet that has been maturing in the area for centuries. During his travels through these places, he did not overlook nature, special features of the flora and fauna, inns, excellent food, events and parties, and especially praised the delicious wines. In the diary, in which Santonino cites his knowledge of the area of today’s Rogla-Pohorje Destination, he states, among other things, that the Carthusians contributed to the development of viticulture since they were the ones who produced more good wine than the whole region. They greatly appreciated the product, as it was an indispensable part of their working lives, and they excelled at their simple dishes such as fish from the river Žičnica, homemade bread, and cheese, Carthusian herbs, fruits, and vegetables. Whether or not the wines are as excellent today as they were in the time of the Carthusians, you can see for yourself when you try. Cheese and bread from local producers will be served to make the flavors as distinct as possible.

The route by car will take you to Oplotnica, across the territory of which many Roman roads have led in the past. The 11th-century castle, owned by the lords of Oplotnica, was later donated to the Ziče Monastery with its entire estate, which dominated here for 600 years. In the 17th century, the Carthusians built the mansion, which became their important economic center. With their presence, the Carthusians contributed to the progress and development of the place, and above all, through their mentality, nurtured a sense of respect for the people. The mansion will welcome you with its refreshed image and take you through interesting stages of the development of the place. In the castle courtyard, you will be able to walk through the local produce market (cheeses, yogurts, cottage cheese, salami, honey, liqueurs, wines, handicrafts). You will have the unique opportunity to experience the park with laundry washing. On the stream Oplotnica, the laundresses will show you the way of washing as it used to be. You will be able to try it yourself.

You will end the day with dinner at the Forbar Homestead in Malahorna, where you will be warmly welcomed and they will share with you a bit of everyday life in the countryside. They offer excellent home-cooked meals that are carefully made with the effort of home-grown food, with a great deal of love and respect for our grandmother’s unmistakable recipes. You will be served a selection of the most delicious delicacies, such as house pâté, soup, meat and vegetable dishes, and a dessert. Pohorje delicacies are well served with house wine.

You will return to Rogaška Slatina in the evening, with a lot of beautiful impressions on the pleasant and unique experiences of the Rogla-Pohorje Destination.

Price: 260€ / PERSON

The price includes: transportation, management and coordination of the program, a welcome drink and dried fruit at the Gastuž Inn, entrance fee to Žice Carthusian Monastery and the use of smart glasses, the visit to the Herbal Pharmacy and tasting of herbal spreads and beverages, Iršic-Meglič Organic Farm, the renting of electric bicycles up to 4 hours, lunch at the Zlati grič Inn (four-course menu), cellar tour and wine tasting at Zlati grič Inn (3 samples, bread, cheese), entrance fee for the Manor Graščina in Oplotnica – a guided tour and presentation of laundresses, dinner at Forbar Homestead (four-course menu), VAT. 

* a basket of goodies is a surprise for guests / a gift at the end of the tour

CONTACT INFORMATION: Pohorje turizem; TEL: +386 (0) 2 843 05 50

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